12. DVD Updates.

September 2019 Video News Flash

Welcome to the video page of this website. If you enjoy watching and learning from videos then congratulations you have arrived on the correct page. Please find below a section of video files which are constantly expanding. From January 2019 we will add one new video each week.

Section One:

Video clips used in this Website.

Section Two:

Full Teasers for the Book Matthias & Smith.

Section Three:

Information video clips start in January 2019.

Week one: January 2019

Week two: January 2019

Week three: January 2019

Week four: January 2019 Buy Now

Week five Feb 2019

Week six: Feb 2019

Week seven: Feb 2019

Week eight: Feb 2019

Buy NowWeek nine: March 2019.

Week ten:  March 2019.

Week Eleven: March 2019.

Week Twelve: March 2019.

Week Thirteen April 2019

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Week Fourteen April 2019

Information: Due to a massive upgrade edit in the fourth edition flip book no more videos will be made or uploaded in the month of May 2019. June 2019 should see a return to normal video uploading, we thank you for your understanding.

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