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Students who accumulate knowledge have learned from the experiences and wisdom of their predecessors. Most students learn from reading books after or during class lessons. When preparing information for any end of term essay, the seeds of information correlated from a study guide will help. Mike Wilkins has written a new free student informed choices guide on Sojourner-Truth in New York with Prophet Matthias. If you are looking for this information, congratulations, you have found it. Just click on the image below, and it’s all yours. This information is also printable; click on the print icon inside the de-luxe flip e-book.

Please call back for the new student informed choices guide. The updated new edition is due for publication soon.

If you are a student who prefers older technology or wants to read the information without the interaction of digital e-book, congratulations, we have that for you. It’s in a P.D.F. format, and the button is below this text.

New Free P.D.F. Synopsis Soon. (Ref 5)

Please remember that every part of this story has a direct line of contact with a real person who lived, then recorded their experiences. Every quote has a reference number for verification and investigation by interested students. After a decade of research and writing, Mike Wilkins has comprehensively correlated the facts. No religious viewpoint or intention to represent any proselyting into Church, organization, or lifestyle is intended or presented in this book. This book contains an unforgettable, emotional story involving Sojourner-Truth, Matthias, Joseph Smith, and many close friends. The complete original work has 44 Chapters, revealing a story full of mystery, sadness, and surprising sexual immorality between the respected members of the New York Society! 

In the New York Advocate and Journal dated 26th May 1835 via the Salem Gazette, we have information worthy of investigation. We read via this newspaper that the name of the washing ceremony was, quote. ‘The purification from marriage.’ On other occasions, Matthias calls it, quote. ‘The fountain of Eden.’ Regardless of its name, the service is the same; this ceremony is a direct attack on the sacred institution of marriage and family life.

Unfortunately, Matthias did not keep a written record of his intentions or doctrines; however, the evidence is overwhelming regarding the curious connections between Matthias and Joseph Smith. The idea of washing and anointing is firmly established within the Mormon temple ceremony, as taught and practiced by faithful Mormon Church members. Without fear of contradiction, the Mormon Church teaches the doctrine of washing and anointing, along with baptism for the dead. These religious ceremonies involved water and claimed authority, which is the same method practiced by Prophet Matthias and his disciples! Incredibly the Mormon Church has the faithful observance of washing and anointing inside their Temples, while Prophet Matthias has his religious ceremony of washing and purifying. As leaders, Smith and Matthias believed in practicing what they preached. Regarding the washing ceremony, both Prophets Matthias and Smith undoubtedly have yet another curious coincidence!

Matthias had items of clothing worn or used by Captain William Morgan. We understand that the Masons have garments for their ceremonies, much like the Mormons use inside their temples. Captain William Morgan wrote a book that exposed the secrets of Masons’ clothing and rituals in their lodges. The publication of this book was in the year 1826. Inside this book, we find details of freemason traditions and illustrations of the garments used in connection with these activities. The Mormons have garments that they call sacred and use them in their ceremonies inside the Mormon Temples. Once again, from the historical records, we see another curious coincidence between Prophets Matthias and Smith. The unique connections between Joseph Smith, Lucinda Morgan, and Captain William Morgan are overwhelming; however, for this investigation, I have chosen not to expound on them further.

Let’s keep this simple; this is your opportunity to read the free sample chapters from the Flip-book version of Matthias and Smith Clash of the Prophets. Flip-book is a fully interactive digital reading experience. It will talk to you, along with showing you films and exciting digital artwork. The future of digital reading has arrived. Click the image below to view and read your sample chapters FREE of charge. 

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