Thank you for your interest in a real digital book. The Flip book is amazing in so many ways! Technical information can be boarding. however. if you want to know more how this real digital book works then just click and follow this link: If you like cars then you may enjoy this: http://static.flipbuilder.com/demo/luxury-auto/index.html#p=20

If you want to read some FREE Chapters from Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets in the amazing Flip Book, then you may enjoy reading from page eight of this website.
The Flip book version has been re-edited and re-set for art-work images. Additionally New Films and upgrades as they become available will be inserted into the Flip book. This Flip book can be downloaded onto any I. Phone: Laptop: P.C.: or Tablet:

The Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble versions are TEXT ONLY with limited art work.  All electronic versions are set at the same price of $9.99 (American Dollars) All payments are processed via Pay Pal or Amazon servers.

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