Mike Wilkins under pressure from Mormons & Ex-Mormons!

The curious coincidences between the Mormon Prophet and Prophet Matthias has been hidden within the pages of recorded history for almost two hundred years. With the pending launch of Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets, Mormons, and ex-Mormons have expressed interest and concern over some of the pre-advertising information. Below you can read a small extract of a Facebook group conversation between Mike Wilkins and the group admin, who’s name has been removed for legal reasons.
(Name removed)
I cannot be held accountable for the strange words or actions of accusers who don’t know what they are talking about. Let me make the position 100% clear, the L.D.S. church has made its position 100% clear regarding Joseph Smith and Prophet Matthias.
The facts are crystal clear, there is a set a curious coincidences between Joseph Smith and Matthias. The LDS Church is 100% correct saying that Matthias is Joseph Smiths contemporary. My books present with all the original historical details the amazing interesting story of Matthias, Joseph Smith and Sojourner-Truth. The connections are faith promoting as it presents the possibility of spirit entities connecting or communicating with men claiming to be Prophets. The story shows the interconnection of real people who struggled to find their place in the brave new world in and around New York.
I am a firm believer in truth, and staying with the facts of any given situation. I keep an open mind and heart in all situations, as I understand the importance of freedom of speech, actions and thought. I am concerned that I have been miss judged and condemned on the words, actions, and opinions of people who know next to nothing about me, my position, or my work of the past ten years.
(Name removed) you and your group members should be jumping up and down for joy; Joseph Smith told Matthias that his God had told him that Matthias God was the Devil.
I sometimes wonder about the L.D.S. community, as you have on times the ability to shoot yourself in the foot, back, and head! Why can’t you all see and understand that we can all learn from History in a positive way! The curious connections between Joseph Smith and Matthias can not be denied!
If you have a scene of fair play then you will show these remarks to my accusers or even post them in the group for each member to have the chance to read and understand. I must say that I am personally disappointed at all my back stabbers!

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