C26 Matthias and his impostures. 1835 w

  • Book: Matthias and his impostures.
  • Page numbers: section 26
  • Date: 1838
  • Copyright Free Information.
  • The following text is from public domain book information.
  • The text information is.

SECTION 26 CONTAINS THE INFORMATION REQUIRED.                                                     Information from 1835 presented below.

Finally about the middle of June, soon after midnight, he arouses his wife and her five children from their slumbers and told them they must fly with him to the hills, as they would be destroyed the next day.  Not being able to persuade the former into his beliefe, he then declared his purpose of escaping himself, with his children, leaving the mother to destruction. 

The people turned out in great numbers to search for the wanders. It was seriously apprehended that the father might have put them to death and destroyed himself. ………. The press sounded the alarm; and the Mayor issued a proclamation, announcing the facts, and offering a reward for the return of the children.

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