mw6 Matthias By His Wife 1835 w

  • MW Cover
  • Book: Matthias By His Wife
  • Page numbers: 5 & 6
  • Date: 1835
  • Copyright Free Information.
  • The following text is from public domain book information.
  • The text information is.

My maiden name is Margaret Wright.  I was born in the city of New York, in August 1793. My Parents came from Scotland. When I was five years of age, My father removed with his family to Cambridge, Washington County, state of New York, on the account of the yellow fever, which prevailed here. At that place, I became acquainted with Robert Matthews. He had then four brothers and five sisters, who resided in the same neighborhood with us. They were early affected with the loss of their parents, and consequently, Robert was taken, at the age of seven years, into the family of Mr. John Maxwell.


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