Ref: MW19b Matthias By His Wife. 1835. w

  • MW Cover
  • Book: Matthias By His Wife.
  • Page numbers: 19-20
  • Date: 1835
  • Copyright Free Information.
  • The following text is from public domain book information.
  • The text information is.

Ref: MW19b Matthias By His Wife. 1835.

‘In the afternoon he arose, went to the door and locked it, then he took a bowl of water and came to me. I was somewhat alarmed and asked him what he was going to do. He said I must be baptized by him, and receive the Holy Spirit. 

I told him not to attempt to do any such thing, for I did not believe that he could bestow that blessing upon me. He said that I must obey him.  I told him positively that I would not. I had rather lose my life than do anything against my conscience; and that in my manner of worship he might control me, but not in my belief. He said that I had no God, that the husband was the savior of the wife; and that as the man was not whole without the woman, she would be found with him; and he was a holy man, it was necessary for me to receive the Holy Spirit by him. I still resisted telling him to keep back, for if he attempted to put one drop of water upon me, I would jump out of the window.’



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