love or lust statement 8

Introducing the union of Matthias and Ann was according to Mrs. C. Thompson because Ann had a vision. In this vision, Ann saw, quote. ‘Two columns of smoke ascending upwards, as the smoke ascended the two columns intertwined and united together.’ During her conversation with Ann Folger, the cook Mrs. Thompson understood that one column of smoke was Matthias, and the other was Ann. As Ann and Mrs. C. Thompson continued with their chatter, Ann voiced the opinion that should Mrs. Thompson ever have a dream; then she should take the content of that dream to Matthias. The exact words used by Ann were, quote. ‘If you have a dream, go to the father.’ (Ref: H12.)

We present information from public domain documents that are almost two hundred years old. This vitally important information is presented in Bold Blue Text. All the blog statements are from the book entitled Sojourner-Truth Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets.

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