Love or lust statement 13

As a new convert and a former prostitute from the Five Points, Mrs. Bolton would, quote. ‘Confess openly’ regarding her past sins to Pierson, while in the company of Sojourner-Truth. I should point out that Sojourner-Truth is the housekeeper for the Pierson family at their New York residence. Interestingly we read, quote. ‘In these confessions, she (Mrs. Bolton) admitted that she had lived in fornication; that she had used much skill and cunning in seducing men, and had received large sums of money from different gentlemen.’ On numerous occasions, Mrs. Bolton appears to enjoy her confessions to Elijah Pierson, due to her ability and willingness to reveal salacious details, we read that she would, quote. ‘Even describe the manner in which she communicated her inclinations to various dry goods merchants and clerks of whom she betrayed by naming to Mr. Pierson.’ (Ref: N20. The shocking confessions from Mrs. Bolton and the scriptural readings from Mr. Pierson resulted in a union of unusual compromises! Like a lamb to the slaughter Elijah, quote. ‘Believed her repentance sincere, and he was strengthened by a text of Scripture which he often quoted about harlots entering the kingdom of heaven before others.’

Turning to the honest opinions of Sojourner-Truth, we find that she had much to say about Mrs. Boulton. On one occasion, she said that Elijah Pierson was, quote. ‘Pleased with her confessions; she apparently knew he was and confessed to please him, for it always increased his confidence in her.’ (Ref: N22.) Presenting her viewpoint with clarity, Sojourner-Truth then went on to say verbally and in writing that she thought Mrs. Bolton, quote. ‘Had played the hypocrite so well at camp meetings might be playing the hypocrite now, and that she who had seduced so many men with such skill, might be seducing Mr. Pierson.’ With these thoughts and ideas running through Sojourner-Truths subconscious, she eventually takes courage and approaches Elijah with her concerns and fears. We read that she, quote. ‘Communicated to him her doubts, but these doubts excited rebuke from Mr. Pierson.’ Once again, Sojourner-Truth wants to reach out and help in any way that she is able. In many ways, she is like a shining light in the darkness of stinking immorality from the Five Points extending into the Pierson Christian New York Society.

Continuing with our investigations, we find that quote. ‘Mrs. Bolton exerted considerable influence over him (Pierson) until Matthias came when her influence declined.’  Matthias and Mrs. Bolton came up from the gutters of city life in New York’s Five Points. Like two street cats caught inside a trap of luxury and never-ending possibilities, the outcome is inevitable, one of them must go! Unsurprisingly, with the arrival of Matthias through the front door, we witness Mrs. Bolton’s departure via the back door! True to his character Pierson, like most wealthy people, has learned to shield himself from much of life’s direct unpleasantness! We read that, quote. ‘She (Mrs. Bolton) was finally forbid the house by Mr. Pierson’s sister, in accordance with Mr. Pierson’s wish, as an improper person to associate with him and his friends,’ (Ref: N22) With her cards marked, she is no longer welcome, and Mrs. Bolton disappears!

We present information from public domain documents that are almost two hundred years old. This vitally important information is presented in Bold Blue Text. All the blog statements are from the book entitled Sojourner-Truth Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets.

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