love or lust statement 16

Throughout these difficult months from November 1833 to January 1834, Benjamin is living under the same roof as his estranged wife. Unfortunately for him, Ann is the love and light of his world, and she is no longer by his side. During this challenging period, Ann, and Matthias, have what they consider the answer to all Benjamin’s unhappiness. Together, they want him to have a spirit matched wife named Elizabeth. Embracing the principle of nepotism, we find that Elizabeth is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Matthias! From all the direct and indirect evidence available, it appears that Benjamin is not happy about his spirit matched union to Elizabeth!

On her own and with limited options, Galloway’s young widow, Catherine, continues her duties as a cook in the Mills household. From the reliable information available, Catherine Galloway was quote. ‘Afterwards, an inconspicuous person, without any very distinguishing qualities.’ (Ref: N44) As a victim of Matthias, the story of Catherine Galloway is particularly sad, since she, as a servant, had limited choices after the death of her husband from the so-called curse! Amazingly the story of Catherine Galloway becomes interwoven into the very fabric of the Mills, Pierson, and Folger delusions. Her story is a dire warning concerning the dangers of immorality in poverty and servitude

We present information from public domain documents that are almost two hundred years old. This vitally important information is presented in Bold Blue Text. All the blog statements are from the book entitled Sojourner-Truth Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets.

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