love or lust statement 17.

Wealth, opportunity, and curiosity undoubtedly are driving factors helping Benjamin achieve his goal as directed by Matthias. Obediently Benjamin petitions on Matthias’ behalf for the entire family to visit Mount Zion, with his daughter Isabella, marked as a priority. Matthias back in Mount Zion, is unaware of all the facts, as he does not know that his daughter is married. In this mixing pot of emotions and possibilities, the idea of the young inexperienced Isabella having her head turned by a gold watch, new clothes, and the attention of a wealthy, handsome young man, is understandable.

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In hindsight and during the court proceedings, Charles testified under oath that, quote. ‘He did not give permission for his wife Isabella to go with Benjamin and visit her father, Matthias. (Ref: 23.) So why then do we have conflicting reports from Charles Laisdell, let’s investigate further.

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