love or lust statement 18

On the first day, when Isabella, the daughter of Matthias, arrived at Mount Zion; Benjamin approached Matthias, and informed him that he had slept with his daughter. Sometime that afternoon, quote. ‘Matthias called the children of the kingdom together in the front parlor.’ After they had assembled themselves, the disciples or children as Matthias liked to call them; were now prepared to hear his words. Matthias presented the facts; he told them that his daughter Isabella and Benjamin had a sexual relationship while traveling from Albany to Mount Zion. In his determined actions, the master manipulator introduces his campaign to extract his daughter from her marriage to Charles Laisdell. Then, under his strict control, he wants to remarry her to the handsome and wealthy Benjamin! (Ref: N79)

After announcing this to the community at Mount Zion, they make their position clear; they are not happy. The plans for blissfully family life are in jeopardy, and action is urgently required! After talking about the new developments: Matthias concludes that the first marriage of his daughter is invalid. They believe that Isabella’s marriage to Charles was, quote. ‘Nullified by this act,’ Surprisingly, they also concluded, quote. ‘She had better marry or be espoused to Mr. B. Folger, as their affection for each other showed a kindred spirit’ (Ref: H14.) Incredibly, Isabella, the daughter of Matthias, is divorced, then married to Benjamin all within the same day. In their minds, they had reached a most sensible conclusion, as Matthias deemed Benjamin and Isabella as matched spirits.

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