love or lust statement 19.

Isabella knew what to do while her father was whipping her; perhaps it was because she had seen her beloved mother do the same thing back in Albany. Without hesitation and attempting to defend herself from the assault, we find Isabella, quote. ‘First held up one hand above her head, and then both, upon which he immediately ceased whipping her.’ (Ref: C178.) The image of Matthias standing with his rawhide in his hand, and Isabella pleading for help, is memorable for all the wrong reasons! Stepping into this picture, we have Ann uttering the words, quote. ‘Now I love father more than ever.’ She also said, quote. ‘I would rather have my hands cut off than not to have had him made her obey him.’  (Ref: MW34.)

Isabella received the lashings of the cowhide twice while she endures the company of her estranged father. In violence and rejection, her young body and mind are under attack; her life has changed, and the simple country rules of Albany do not apply here, she is subject to Matthias’ practices, and if she wants to be in his world then it has to be on his terms.

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