Love or lust statement 22

Continuing with the service, the groom Benjamin steps forward and kisses his bride. Not content with just kissing his wife; Benjamin moves towards Matthias and kisses him! Incredibly, Benjamin moves onto Mr. Pierson, Ann, and Catherine, all of whom receive a kiss. Still standing by the door, Sojourner-Truth, received a kiss also!

Interestingly, Sojourner-Truth, who is still standing by the door of the parlor, recounts that Benjamin and Isabella think that the wedding ceremony is over. Together they attempt to leave, but Prophet Matthias starts preaching once again! Astonishingly this sermon continues for many hours to the annoyance and frustration of all concerned! Eventually, Matthias finishes his discourse, and they all disappear into their rooms or back to the kitchen.

As the mother of the house, Ann is happy walking by the side of Matthias, while at the same time keeping her eye on Benjamin, her first love. Entwined in their love lust relationship Benjamin and Isabella, the daughter of Matthias, also appear happy!

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