love or Lust statement 23.

With Ann and Isabella thus elevated, is it any wonder that Matthias at the wedding ceremony blessed them with the firm understanding that they will be, quote. ‘Blessed in obedience, and in disobedience, thou wilt be cursed.’ Perhaps Matthias was at this time remembering the words which Isabella his daughter had uttered to him. These words, if fulfilled, would have no doubt undermined Matthias’ plans. Isabella’s words to her father were, quote. ‘She would sooner die than embrace his sentiments, or receive a husband which he had prepared for her.’ (Ref: MW34.) For the time being, Isabella appears to be willing to comply with her father’s wishes, as it seems they are in harmony with her desires towards Mr. Benjamin Folger. In the kitchen, Sojourner-Truth and Catherine Galloway recommence their duties, during which Catherine declared that quote. ‘She had a greater right to Mr. B. Folger than Mrs. Laisdell’ because, quote. ‘Mr. B. Folger had lain with her in the house in Third Street, New York, several times since he had given up his wife.’ No wonder Catherine was rolling her eyes while ensconced beneath the mantel shelf in the parlor! Matthias must have known about Catherine’s relationship with Benjamin or, at the very least, suspected that something was developing between them! In her lustful confusion and desire, Catherine thought she had fulfilled God’s will by sleeping with Benjamin. Unfortunately for her, she has experienced the bitter reality of being abused and used within the Zion of Matthias.

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