Love or lust statement 26.

Resting at Mount Zion after her so-called divorce and matched spirit marriage gives Isabella, the daughter of Matthias, some time for her wounds to heal. Her reunion with her father has projected her into the life and bed of Benjamin, where she is happily enjoying her honeymoon period. In many ways, she is like a moth drawn to the blinding light of a flame; she is starting to burn, and her options are reducing with each passing moment!

After breakfast, Matthias told Ann to go and talk with his daughter, as he wanted to know how she felt towards him. After searching the house, Ann found Isabella in her bedroom sitting by the window. Moving closer, Ann took a seat next to her, after which they engaged in some pleasantries, at which point Ann inquired, quote. ‘If she felt happy and contented?’ Isabellaresponds, quote. ‘The place was a pleasant one, and that there was everything there calculated to make her happy; but the idea of living with, or being under the control of her father who was a tyrant, would embitter all her days.’ Surprised at this response, Ann reacted with another question, she said, quote. ‘If it was not possible, she was mistaken?’Isabella continued by saying quote. ‘That she knew him better than we did and for her part, she had rather die than live with him.’ Surprised at such a statement Ann makes no response. Grasping her opportunity, Isabella wants to send a letter to her mother back in Albany. Ann undoubtedly not wanting to make the situation any worse replied that she would ask Matthias, who could furnish her with a pen and paper as he had the key to the desk.

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