love or lust statement 29

Passing through the outlying grounds belonging to the Folger Estate must have created a picture of affluence little known to Charles. Arriving at Mount Zion, Charles wants to be with his wife. Giving testimony, and under oath in court, Charles states he called many times at Mount Zion. In his words, as reported in Matthias’ domestic trial for assault on his daughter, New Article 1835, we read the following quote. ‘I am the husband of the last witness; she did not go to Sing-Sing with my permission. Mr. Folger wanted her to stay eight or ten days with him, and if she wished, then to send her back. While at Sing-Sing, I called many times for her, and they ordered me out of the yard.’ Charles called a total of three or four times; however, he could not see or visit with his wife. Perhaps Matthias wanted time for the wounds he inflicted on his daughter to heal, or could it be that Benjamin did not want Charles to know that he was married and sleeping with Isabella!

Unquestionably the community felt threatened by Charles demanding to see and talk with his wife. After all, it was a community decision to marry off Isabella to Benjamin! For whatever reason, it is obvious the community felt Charles and Isabella needed to remain incommunicado! In Charles’ words, we read, quote. ‘I found that my wife had gone to New York, and I went there for her.’ (Ref: 65.)

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