Love or lust statement 32

Sojourner-Truth reveals the full extent of her involvement with Benjamin Folger and Catherine Galloway. Staying at the townhouse, and after the elevation of Catherine from servant to spirit matched wife, they continued their friendship. At the end of each day, Sojourner-Truth and Catherine spent time together in the bedroom of Benjamin Folger. As the evening progressed, Benjamin would retire later, and upon entering the bedroom, Sojourner-Truth would, we are informed, vacate the room. After several weeks of Benjamin and Catherine sleeping together, the inevitable happened, and Catherine told Benjamin that she was pregnant. There is no record indicating how Benjamin felt towards the news of Catherine’s situation; however, we do know the outcome of this pregnancy.

Back at Mount Zion, walking into the parlor, Catherine and Benjamin attend one of Matthias’ regular sermons. As the lecture progressed, unfortunately for Catherine, she endured a very public miscarriage. Turning to Sojourner-Truth, we find, quote. ‘As this was a very early miscarriage, it was attended with little sickness only, and Elizabeth, the child, was made to attend her (Catherine) and even to wash her garments.’ (Ref: H31.) Aware of her inferiority of body and face, Catherine endures in silence the pain and humiliation of her public miscarriage.

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