love or lust statement 33

Thankfully Catherine has a friend in Sojourner-Truth; however, times are challenging for her, as we read, quote. ‘It does not appear that Mr. B Folger was ever fond of Catherine, but took her merely as a substitute, or as Isabella (daughter of Matthias) coarsely expressed herself as a hack.’ Looking towards the characteristics of Catherine, we find, quote. ‘Catherine, on the contrary, appears to have been extremely fond of Mr. B Folger; he was indeed a handsome man, but rather effeminate—only, however in appearance; of extremely pleasant manners, very polite, and generous; while she was a woman of no conversation, nor of qualifications but those fit for the kitchen. The consequence was dissatisfaction on the part of Mr. B Folger; he found that he had given up an extremely pleasing female to his bearded friend; and got in exchange a woman whom he did not value.’

Turning to the ever-trustworthy Sojourner-Truth, we find information confirming the dissatisfaction which Benjamin outwardly expressed towards Catherine. Benjamin’s unhappiness is real; he is like an open book exposed to the entire world. He is deluded, desperate, and in despair, as his love for Ann will not diminish. Sojourner-Truth presents us with her understanding of Benjamin’s situation. She informs us that he wanted Ann, his estranged wife back. Ann also witnesses Benjamin’s sufferings and desires. Sojourner-Truth, via her statement, said, quote. ‘This we have no doubt was foreseen by Mrs. B Folger, and hence her anxiety to adorn Catherine and please her husband through her.’ (Ref: H32.) Sadly, for all concerned, Benjamin is dissatisfied in the Zion of Prophet Matthias, as the tension continues to escalate with the utter embarrassment of Catherine’s miscarriage in the parlor.

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