love or lust statement 34

After spending time with Catherine in New York, Benjamin is a concerned, double-minded young man. His primal Christian family values are now being eroded by the sexual desires perpetrated by his wife Ann, who despite her actions he still truly loves and wants to keep by his side. With Ann, he was able to attend social events, as she had the upbringing, education, and charm of a lady. Ann’s character has developed from a life of privilege and respectability. She has a Christian history of attending church and teaching in Sunday school, along with organizing prayer and social meetings at her family home. Her conversations were uplifting, and she was able to inspire the respect and adoration of her peers; even Mr. Pierson said that she was pure with the demeanor of a lady. The importance of education and religious dedication is inbuilt into her very fabric, as Ann views life in more than just a mortal way. In their youthful innocence during their courtship and early years of marriage, Benjamin shares the same beliefs, and on Sunday, 1st June 1834, turns to the power of prayer for help.

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