love or lust STATEMENT 36

Turning to the honest opinions of Sojourner-Truth, we find that she had much to say about Mrs. Boulton. On one occasion, she said that Elijah Pierson was, quote. ‘Pleased with her confessions; she apparently knew he was and confessed to please him, for it always increased his confidence in her.’ (Ref: N22.) Presenting her viewpoint with clarity, Sojourner-Truth then went on to say verbally and in writing that she thought Mrs. Bolton, quote. ‘Had played the hypocrite so well at camp meetings might be playing the hypocrite now, and that she who had seduced so many men with such skill, might be seducing Mr. Pierson.’ With these thoughts and ideas running through Sojourner-Truths subconscious, she eventually takes courage and approaches Elijah with her concerns and fears. We read that she, quote. ‘Communicated to him her doubts, but these doubts excited rebuke from Mr. Pierson.’ Once again, Sojourner-Truth wants to reach out and help in any way that she is able. In many ways, she is like a shining light in the darkness of stinking immorality from the Five Points extending into the Pierson Christian New York Society.

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