love & lust statement 41

As a Prophet and father of all he surveyed, Matthias would bear no rivals in his Zion. Standing next to him as mother and lover is Ann Folger, who, through her relationship with him, understood his personality traits. On one occasion, Ann said, quote. ‘His anger would sometimes last a long time, and become very tedious, and he would curse us awfully, and threaten us until we considered ourselves lost creatures unless he (Matthias) saved us. He told us that he would save us, but we must get rid of the evil spirit within us; and if we asked for better spirits from him, he would give them to us and deliver us.’ Unlike Joseph Smith, who could garner many converts into his Mormon church, we find that Matthias, at best, had between ten to fifteen men prepared and willing to follow his doctrines. (Ref: 26.)

The idea of enjoying the good things in life is fundamental to Matthias’s theories, especially when he experienced the luxurious accommodation and hospitality of Mills, which extended from the kitchen to the dinner plate. From all the available records, it is apparent that Matthias & Mills, along with their invited male guests, enjoyed a regular quote’ love-feast.’ Interestingly, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Hervey provides valuable information on Mills and Matthias’s lifestyle. As a house guest at the Mills home on Franklin Street, a block from Broadway New York, Harvey said, quote. ‘It was now past six o clock, and it was moreover a day on which the twelve apostles were to partake of their love-feast, for which purpose the table was spreading in another apartment. Assuring him that he should positively sup with the twelve apostles.’ (Ref: C130.) Thinking and acting fast, Hervey made his excuses and declined the invitation to share a fabulous meal with the twelve apostles. Matthias routinely enjoyed eating with his twelve apostles, the highlight of which would typically occur each Sunday.

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