Love & Lust Statement 46

Before we move forward with our shocking foundation story, we should, at this juncture, take a few moments to present more information on the union or spirit match ordinance of Matthias and Ann Folger. We understand from previous chapters that Ann entered into the washroom with Matthias. Informatively we must present additional information of the continued downward spiral into immorality: we read, quote. ‘The covenant was sealed by the ceremony of washing or baptizing, and Mr. B. Folger was on this occasion, solemnly washed, in the manner before described, by the conjoint services of Matthias and Mrs. B. Folger (Ann), and this was known to the whole household.’ (Ref: H36.)

We present information from public domain documents that are almost two hundred years old. This vitally important information is presented in Bold Text. All the blog statements are from the book entitled Sojourner-Truth Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets. Warning, the blogs and the book are rated at sixteen years and above. The best way to read our Love or Lust statements, and enjoy additional information, is from this link:

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