Love & Lust Statement 47

Amazingly both Matthias and Ann wash Benjamin after the covenant. The covenant was the second ceremony or union between Matthias and Ann Folger. Incredibly the washing or baptizing ceremony is administered by Ann and Matthias on Benjamin Folger! In one newspaper under the subtitle of ‘HIS HAVEN ON MOUNT ZION,’ we read, quote. ‘The imposter named the place ‘Mount Zion’ and declared that it was the nucleus around which was to be built the new kingdom of God. Upon the ground that ministers were devils, unauthorized to perform a marriage or other religious ceremonies, he (Matthias) remarried in his own way.’ (Ref: 144.)

Interestingly Matthias has, for the second time, entered into a marriage ceremony with Ann. Unquestionably, Benjamin’s further involvement in the washing ceremony helped subdue his objections to the spirit matched union of Matthias and Ann. Generally speaking, participants in religious services agree with the obligations and commitments involved. The relationship of spirit match partners through the preparatory ceremony of washing, then the ritual of marriage, is unquestionably the accepted doctrine and practice for any disciple of Matthias. The religious ceremony of washings between Benjamin, Ann, and Matthias, are examples of further chains of immorality binding the players of this dangerous game together! Coincidentally inside all Mormon temples, the ceremonies of washings and anointings, along with baptizing, are openly taught and practiced. Once again, all the evidence confirms yet another curious coincidence between these two American Prophets!

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