Love & Lust Statement 49

Unusually Matthias does not complain to the innkeeper, as he understands that his Zion’s activities are under his control; however, in the real world of civilized society, his amoral power is a secret, especially when it affects a legal husband and wife!

Expressing his annoyance, Matthias prowls the hallway and his bedroom, taking every opportunity to express his anger towards Benjamin. Catherine and Sojourner-Truth inform us quote. ‘Under these circumstances, he (Benjamin) was permitted to enjoy the presence of his wife in bed, but denied the privileges of a husband, under the severest curses which Matthias could bestow, and the fear of which, he supposed, would destroy passion or desire in Mr. B Folger; from which he then inferred the will of God, that he Mr. B Folger was not her match spirit.(Ref: H38.) In this statement, we have proof positive that immorality is a continuing source of tension, pressure, and annoyance between Matthias and Benjamin. Shockingly Ann Folger appears to be the prize for either a Prophet or a man!

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