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Immorality, adultery, and hedonistic activities require willing participants in the Mount Zion created by Matthias and his dupes. Ready to veer from the straight and narrow Christian pathways, some follow lustful desires. To maintain control over the men who held the purse strings, Matthias needed to immerse them in his hedonistic way of life. Here we explore some of the challenges from the willing and unwilling participants in Matthias’ sphere of influence. Mr. Thompson, the handyman at Mount Zion, is one of these men, he has very little to gain but much to lose! Witnessing the immorality from the perspective of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson: we discover via direct and indirect routes, some of the real tension within the walls of Mount Zion. In their attempt to escape the immorality at Mount Zion, Mr. Thompson and his family decide to return to Albany. During his preparations to move out of Mount Zion, he informed Sojourner-Truth that quote. ‘There is too much changing of wives here, I have a nice little woman, and I should not like to lose her.’ It appears Thompson’s fear of losing his wife was not without foundation; as within the Narrative of Isabella, we read, quote. ‘His little wife was looked at as a victim of love or lust by the chief members of the kingdom. Mr. B Folger had noticed her significantly; Mrs. B Folger had instructed her in some of the mysteries; Matthias had at least attempted to corrupt her mind; while Mr. Pierson had some pretensions towards her.’ (Ref H39.)

We present information from public domain documents that are almost two hundred years old. This vitally important information is presented in Bold Text. All the blog statements are from the book entitled Sojourner-Truth Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets. Warning, the blogs and the book are rated at sixteen years and above. The best way to read our Love or Lust statements, and enjoy additional information, is from this link:

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