American & Canadian Students.

The unique educational advantage contained within our manuscript offers students the opportunity to obtain and examine information on Sojourner-Truth and her sufferings with the notorious American Prophet Matthias.

We aim to empower students to thoroughly explore the many aspects of Sojourner-Truth’s experiences in New York. The valuable, exciting lessons learned by Sojourner-Truth during her time following in the long shadow of Prophet Matthias: helped Isabella Baumfree transform herself into Sojourner-Truth! 

Original, informative information empowers students to study, contemplate, then write articles for the end of term papers in school, college, or university.

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American students must write their end of term papers on Sojourner-Truth as set by the American educational authorities. After a decade of research and writing, Mike Wilkins has correlated data from different locations so that you, as the student, can benefit and experience the full story without spending years studying and searching! The full unrestricted, detailed shocking story of Sojourner-Truth surviving her years with Matthias is now available for research, study, and debate.

Margaret Matthews is, as we know, the abandoned wife of Prophet Matthias. Her written account provides missing sections of this intriguing story of Sojourner-Truth and the unforgettable Prophet Matthias! Contained within the presentation of Margaret’s unique information, the probability of understanding the original true story of Matthias, Sojourner-Truth, and his disciples, can for the first time, be told.

There is a saying in life which confirms if you throw enough mud, some of it will stick! History has been incredibly kind to the Folgers and their whitewashing as perpetrated within Mr. Stone and the newspapers’ writings. With a smart mind and lots of funding, a story, when repeated, can become the established story. After reading all the evidence in this book, the developed story, as presented by the Folgers, will never be the same again! The information within this book presents facts and opinions seldom expressed. The unfortunate suppression of this intriguing story has been partly due to the social standing of either poverty or prejudice. Within this manuscript, the intention has been to present a balanced view from all vantage points so that the student or careful reader may decide for themselves which version of the story they choose to believe.

Sojourner-Truth was a Christian woman struggling in the Zion, which Prophet Matthias was attempting to establish. Her story is unforgettable, emotional, and shocking! 

Curious Coincidences.

Perhaps you are interested in the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. Are you aware of the unusual coincidences between the notorious American Prophet Matthias and the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith?

My name is Mike Wilkins, author and researcher, and I am here to give you information. Your free sample chapters are in the fantastic digital Flip-book format. You will be able to turn and flip the pages just like a real book. You can zoom in and enlarge the text as you experience the future of digital book reading. I hope you enjoy your reading experience.

American Students.

All the references and original text are for your use.  Your adventure begins as you take your opportunity to experience an interactive digital book! Click the image below to view and read chapters FREE of charge.

Isabella’s emancipation allowed her to work and search for her purpose in life; she was a spiritual person looking for inspiration and guidance. We tell her full story in and around New York City. This vitally important information is emotional, shocking, and inspirational. 

Find and explore questions and answers in my new Free 2020 Student informed choices guide. Arriving here soon!

Please call back for the new student informed choices guide. The updated new edition is due for publication soon.

This is your opportunity to read free sample chapters in the P.D.F. format. Just click on the download button below, its 100% free of charge, with no cons, catches, or commitments.

The American Educational Curriculum.

Sojourner-Truth is a significant part of black history, as presented within the American educational curriculum. Her experiences, triumphs, and failures contain valuable lessons involving the importance of personal integrity: along with the dangers of delusion and immorality.

Interestingly, there is a lot more to Sojourner-Truth than ‘Aint I a woman!’ The full story, once read, helps students understand the importance of enduring to the end. Sojourner-Truth was reliable, caring, and passionate during her trials and tribulations. Students can learn and benefit from studying her experiences as required by the educational authorities.

If you are a student and you have enjoyed your experience, please tell your friends. Additionally, you can also blog your comments via this website.

American students, Flip-book is a fully interactive digital reading experience. It will talk to you, along with showing you films and exciting digital art. The future of digital reading has arrived. Your Free reading adventure starts when you click the image below this text. Just click on image one or two, and you will experience the difference between a standard e-book and a deluxe flip e-book. 

The new upgraded sample chapters are available in a fully interactive digital book. Your reading adventure begins when you click on the image below this text.

After you have read your free chapters, if you like what you see and read, invest $7.99. By the way, your friends may also be interested in this!

To continue your reading adventure from either Amazon – Barnes & Noble or the amazing Flip Builder Book, click on the image below this text. 

Please remember that every part of this story has a direct line of contact with a real person who lived and recorded their experiences. After a decade of research and writing, we have comprehensively correlated the historical information so that you as the student can evaluate, discuss, then write your required end of term papers on Sojourner-Truth in New York City.

No religious viewpoint or intention to represent any proselyting into Church, organization, or lifestyle is intended or presented in this book. This book contains an unforgettable, emotional story involving SOJOURNER-TRUTH, MATTHIAS, JOSEPH SMITH, and many of their close friends. The complete original work has 44 Chapters, revealing a story full of mystery, sadness, and surprising sexual immorality between the respected members of the New York Society! The book Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets is available in three e-book formats, two traditional paper books, and one CD audio read format. The shocking full details are available only in the book Matthias and Smith Clash Of The Prophets. You are invited to continue your reading adventure from either Amazon – Barnes & Noble or the amazing Flip Builder Book. Details from this website. 

Stop this is your last chance on this web page, so if you want a read and print P.D.F., click on the download button, and it’s all yours free of charge!

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