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C.D. Deluxe Flip E-Book Information.

Thank you for your purchase of our C.D. Deluxe Flip E-book. You have paid $9.99 for the C.D. E-Book and $4.99 for post & package. Please enter your name, e-mail address, and your full delivery address in the boxes at the bottom of this web-page.

Delivery details.

The details below are required only for the delivery of the C.D. deluxe e-book. Please note that we normally dispatch orders within twenty-four hrs to the delivery address which you provide. We will contact you via e-mail on the day of dispatching your order for the C.D. e-book. Additionally contained in the next e-mail is the hyperlink for your complimentary internet deluxe flip e-book version of Sojourner-Truth Matthias & Smith.

Item 1. You have purchased our two disk C.D e-book.which is designed for students & interested readers who want to read offline with no internet charges.

Item 2. Please fill in the delivery address for your purchase item, then press the submit button.

Item 3. The flip-builder free app must be installed onto your hardware before this software e-book can be read. The link for this free app is: https://flipbuilder.com/flip-reader/

Operating instructions for the C.D. e-book.

Item 3. Insert C.D.1 or C.D.2. into your hardware drive. (DVD or C.D.) After about ten seconds the pop-up icon will appear on your screen, click on this icon.

Item 4. The run index HTML tab will pop onto your screen. Click on this.

Item 5. Congratulations your free app is downloaded and installed. The Flip deluxe e-book is ready to read when you are.

We are processing your order, which should be dispatched within twenty four hours.

Thank you once again.

Mike Wilkins.

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