1. Disclaimer Warning

Disclaimer Warning:

Please read and consider this disclaimer notice before any interaction with this website, or book.

The purpose of this disclaimer warning is to prepare Students, Mormons, and Christians for information, which is, in all probability, new to them! Within the pages of this book, you will find disturbing evidence for claimed evil spirits or demonic possessionPlease do not read this book if you are under the age of sixteen years.

Inside this website, we present the full unrestricted horrors endured by the innocent and the self-deluded. If you have a genuine fear or even a concern regarding the reality of possible demonic possession or communications, please do not read this book, or continue any further into this website.

If you suffer from depression, mental health issues, or if you are currently on medication, which affects your ability to correlate information rationally, please do not read this book!

Out of necessity, we present the brutality of violence, death, and destruction. Please do not read this book if details of violence and persecution upset or adversely affect you. 

This publication is suitable for readers of sixteen years and above.

This book is not interested in either promoting or demoting any church, religion, or organization. The prime objective is to present a balanced presentation on a story embedded within the pages of recorded modern history for almost two hundred years.

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