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Disclaimer Warning:

This publication is suitable for readers of sixteen years and above. The storyline contains first hand reported accounts of sexual practices such as onanism, adultery, and fornication. To present the full unrestricted horrors endured by the innocent and the self-deluded the unforgettable details of claimed demonic encounters require investigation and presentation. If you have a genuine fear or even a concern regarding the reality of possible demonic possession or communications, please do not read this book, as we present detailed evidence showing the claimed battle between the forces of both good and evil spirit entities.

If you suffer from depression, mental ill health, or if you are currently on medication which affects your ability to correlate information rationally, please do not read this book!

If you are thinking of leaving or investigating the L.D.S. Church, then this book may be of some interest to you as it presents difficult to find information which you may find of some interest. This book is not interested in either promoting or demoting any church, religion, or organization. The prime objective is to present a balanced presentation on a story embedded within the pages of recorded modern history for almost two hundred years.

Out of necessity the brutality of violence, death, and destruction are contained within the pages of this book. Please do not read this book if details of violence and persecution upset or adversely affect you. This disclaimer warning is intended to promote honesty and full disclosure regarding potential information which some may find disturbing!


Title Page:

Synopsis & Prologue.

Within the pages of this book, you will find disturbing evidence for claimed evil spirits or demonic possession! The first official miracle of the L.D.S. Church (Mormons) involved evil spirits or claimed demonic possession.

No religious viewpoint, or intention to represent any proselyting into Church, organization, or lifestyle is intended or presented in this book. This book contains the unforgettable, emotional, story involving SOJOURNER-TRUTH, MATTHIAS, JOSEPH SMITH and many of their close friends.

We present the unique connections between Robert Matthews (Prophet Matthias) and the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. Surprisingly, Prophet Matthias continually claimed to be able to know the difference between good, and evil spirits: he even said that he could control them!

The Synopsis:

You are about to read a story which gives you the opportunity to experience the emotions of love and lust, as you glimpse into the corruption of real bodies, minds, and spirits. The manuscript is perfect for readers who enjoy a true story. Additionally, college and university students will find facts presented in a readable, enjoyable manner, with all of the required historical references thoroughly presented. The book is a foundation for study, debate, and end of term essays involving Sojourner-Truth and her New York years. If you are interested in Sojourner-Truth, then we have endeavored to record her actions and words alongside those of her companions. She was a woman who had much to say about her New York Years.  She was searching for a better way of life; she wanted freedom and justice. Sojourner-Truth was a Christian light shining in the darkness of wealth, immorality, and delusion within the Zion or New Jerusalem which Prophet Matthias was attempting to build. Within this book, we read Sojourner-Truth‘s record of her time with the wealthy and powerful members of New York Society. Additionally, we elaborate on what Margaret Matthews, the legal wife of Prophet Matthias, had to say about Sojourner-Truth

The complete original work has 44 Chapters, revealing the life story’s of the Folger and Pierson families: as they interconnect with Sojourner-Truth and Prophet Matthias. Interestingly the interconnection between the families dramatically spins out of control, as they struggle with the realities of exposure from interested neighbours: family, friends and the long arm of the law!

This true story is full of mystery, sadness and surprising sexual immorality as a daughter: wife, and husband; the young and old, wealthy and poor all engage in sexual behavior more becoming of the prostitutes of the Five Points, than the respected members of New York Society!

You may be interested in Joseph Smith or Matthias who both claimed to be prophets of God: during the period of the Second Great Awakening in and around New York. Perhaps you are wondering why these two prophets had so many of the same teachings and doctrines. The unique connections between them present challenging questions!  Maybe you would like to know which Prophet was the trailblazer. One believed that he could walk on water: then in his attempt to perform this miracle, almost killed himself! Interestingly we examine the violence which was perpetrated upon these two prophets as they endeavored to proselyte their doctrines. Eventually, they would meet up for a three-day conference, and this was no casual meeting between men or friends, as both religious leaders claimed to be prophets: this was genuinely the clash of the prophets!

Unlike most other books we tell the full, true story of Robert Matthews and his band of ‘Dupes.’ We journey with him from his youth into manhood then experience his transformation from man into Prophet and learn why he is called Prophet Matthias!

Surprisingly you will find challenging evidence showing the real possibilities of demonic possession, as claimed by the afflicted persons involved, or those who witnessed these events unfold! We shall examine the original historical records as we consider the continued struggle between the forces of good and evil, light and darkness. Interestingly these real life-changing experiences were endured, even possibly enjoyed!

In this shocking, never to be forgotten, reading experience, I will present the different viewpoints of real people who lived and experienced the effects of walking in the shadows of men, who claimed to be living Prophets of God!

SOJOURNER-TRUTH:There are curious connections. Prophet Matthias called himself the spirit of truth. When he and Isabella eventually parted company she, after experiencing an epiphany, began calling herself Sojourner-Truth.

THE MORMON PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH. If you are an active member of the L.D.S. church or a Mormon in transition, then perhaps you, like me have wondered why the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith shared information on his First vision with the notorious expelled and rejected Prophet Matthias, formally named Robert Matthews. As a Mormon, perhaps you need to understand more about the first claimed miracle of the Mormon Church, which surprisingly was the casting out of declared demonic spirit entities.

Inside this book, we explore the lives of the pure in heart and the self-deluded; their story is interesting as we can learn many valuable, helpful lessons regarding the importance of honesty in communication, as opposed to self-delusion through religious fanaticism

Informatively the official position of the L.D.S. Church confirms Prophet Matthias as the contemporary of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. In this shocking story, we find similarities in doctrines, actions, and communications.

As a faithful Mormon or a Mormon in transition, the chances are that you have questions which require answers. As you read this book, the curious connections between the two American Prophets are exposed for consideration, investigation, and debate. There are unusual connections between Joseph Smith and Prophet Matthias, together they walked and talked with each other.  I present the facts and the curiosities.

Additionally, this book exposes the full unrestricted connections between Sojourner-Truth and Prophet Matthias from a variety of historical reports. All the facts are presented in a storyline readable formate.  We trust that you will enjoy your reading adventure.

Title Page Copyright

© Michael Wilkins 2018

The right of Michael Wilkins to be identified as the Author of this work has been assured by him in agreement with the Copyright, Designs Act 1988. The pen name of Mike Wilkins asserts his moral right as the author of this work. All rights are reserved. All text and artwork including front, side and back covers, along with all chapters, index and acknowledgments are copyrighted under the full protection of the law. The views expressed herein are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily represent the position of any organization, church, or religious viewpoint. Every point of the storyline within this melodrama involves real persons who have left their indelible mark within the annals of American recorded history. All files have been registered, marked and listed with individual numbers. The full index is located at the rear of the work.

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