* Joseph Smith and Lucinda Pendleton.*

Lucinda Pendleton, is one of many curious coincidences between two claimed American Prophets. Surprisingly she was involved with both the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, and the notorious American Prophet Matthias.

Eighteen months after the murder of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith a proxy sealing of marriage was requested and preformed at the Navuoo Temple.

Interestingly, the request for this proxy sealing of marriage was made by Lucinda Pendleton, the beautiful widow of Morgan the Mason!

Amazingly, after the murder of her first husband Morgan the Mason, Lucinda was involved with the American self proclaimed Prophet Matthias.

Surprisingly, her involvement included providing clothing which belonged to her departed husband Morgan the Mason. Whilst it can not be proven as prof positive that these items of clothing were Masonic garments: it can, as prof probable, present evidence confirming the connection between Lucinda and Prophet Matthias.

After his involvement with the beautiful wife of Morgan the Mason, Prophet Matthias commenced his mission attacking organised institutions with the battle cry of dissolve! Interestingly, he also started talking about Temples, and the building of a New Jerusalem!

Lucinda was born on September 27,1801. At the time of her Proxy celestial marriage to the Mormon Prophet, she was approximately forty five years of age. The sealing inside the Nauvoo Temple occurred on January 22 1846. Incredibly, this ceremony was repeated in 1899 at the Salt Lake Temple Utah.

Lucinda also married George Washington Harris who was a prominent active Mormon!

Lucinda died in Memphis Tennessee, in 1856.

The Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, and his brother Hyrum were murdered at Carthage Jail, on June 27, 1844, however that’s another blog which I am thinking about!

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The intermate details of Joseph Smith and Lucinda Pendleton, are due for publication after Mike Wilkins published his new book entitled Prophet Matthias by Margaret his wife.

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