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Sojourner-Truth or Isabella Baumfree; was an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Sojourner-Truth is remembered for her love of humanity, justice, strength, and endurance. Her bust is the first sculpture to honor an African American woman in Washington. On April 28, 2009, Hillary Clinton unveiled the bust of Sojourner Truth. During her remarks, Secretary Clinton paid tribute to Sojourner Truth when she said: “What a wonderful day it is to be here in Emancipation Hall for this great occasion when Sojourner Truth takes her rightful place alongside the heroes who have helped to shape our nation’s history.”

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Surprisingly the New York years of Sojourner-Truth have been both overlooked and miss understood by many researchers and writers. As a Christian woman attempting to find her faith in New York City, Sojourner-Truth, unfortunately, experienced horrors; trials and tribulations, inside the Zion or New Jerusalem of the notorious American Prophet Matthias. Interestingly Sojourner-Truth remained connected with Matthias until his dramatic expulsion by the citizens of New York.

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Sojourner-Truth, Ann Folger, and Catherine Galloway were three Christian women adversely affected by their association with Matthias. Together Sojourner-Truth and Margaret Matthews the legal wife of Matthias stood united in their attempt to first defend and then help Prophet Matthias. After enduring increasing hardships, violence, mental and spiritual abuse, coupled with financial ruin, they decided to change their position. Sojourner-Truth and Margaret want you to know what they suffered, interestingly they communicated their sufferings both verbally and in writing. This is their story, it exposes Christian suffering in what may be considered as the greatest delusion of immorality and claimed spirit communications ever perpetrated in the higher echelons of New York Society!

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Sadly, these women also endured the horrors of living in fear and the continual pressures of claimed evil spirit communications. Incredibly the evil spirits were called quote ‘pretty devils’ by these women. Shockingly we have information confirming the fear of evil spirits possessing, then jumping, from one human into another!

Sojourner-Truth & Prophet Matthias. 

Prophet Matthias: and Isabella Baumfree or Isabella Van Wagener, more commonly known and remembered as Sojourner-Truth helped each other in and around New York City. Interestingly,   Prophet Matthias called himself the spirit of truth, amazingly, when he and Isabella eventually parted company, she, after experiencing an epiphany, began calling herself Sojourner-Truth.


Remembered in victory or Forgotten in History?

Interestingly, the story of Sojourner-Truth, and Matthias together in New York should never be forgotten! Reflecting on her activities, Isabella Van Wagener concluded that; she had been taking part in a great drama, which was, in itself, but one great system of robbery and wrong.’  Surprisingly, she was in fact, Prophet Matthias’ first acolyte, and stayed loyal to him until the bitter end! 

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Isabella Van Wagner Pseudonym.

After enduring her time in the Zion of Prophet Matthias, Isabella like a rolling stone wanted to move forward with her life. Saying her farewells to her friends, she re-named herself  Sojourner in the year of 1843.

A sojourner was and is a term used for a person who resides temporarily in a place. Consequently. there are two original historical records, confirming Isabella calling herself Sojourner. The first was with Mrs. Whiting her landlady, the second was when Isabella became concerned about her chosen name of Sojourner. Interestingly after conversing with a Jewish woman, she added ‘Truth’ to this her third name change. The name Sojourner-Truth is a pseudonym adopted after her departure from New York in 1843. After 1843,  on all other occasions, it safe to say, the name was Sojourner-Truth.

In time and between the years of 1843 and 1850: the evidence, both direct and indirect, confirms the evolution of Isabella’s name; from Sojourner into SOJOURNER-TRUTH.’ Mr. Oliver Gilbert in 1850, penned the name Sojourner-Truth. When Gilbert penned this name, he placed a space between the SOJOURNER and the Truth. In time the name once again evolved, and the accepted name for Isabella is now  SOJOURNER-TRUTH.   The name of SOJOURNER-TRUTH is a symbol of justice and freedom for all, regardless of nationality, gender, or religion!’ 

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Sojourner-Truth through her actions and words is considered a hero, she is famous for her ability to stand her ground in words and physical activities. Her ability to work, adapt, and change her world has made her crucial in American history. Understanding the name of Sojourner-Truth is essential in accepting the person behind the name. The full unrestricted story of Sojourner-Truth with the notorious Matthias is in the book Matthias & Smith Clash of the Prophets. 

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Sojourner-Truth or Bella.

Isabella Van Wagener, before she evolved into the icon of Sojourner-Truth, enjoyed the name of Bella. It is my personal opinion that  Bella was her favored name before 1843.

I have chosen to use the name Sojourner-Truth: as a mark of my respect for Bella. Some other names being: Belle, Belia, Bell, & Lil Bett.

On the Alyce Blue historical Art web page, you have the opportunity to read more information on Sojourner-Truth. American history is very important, especially when correlating American art of famous trailblazers. We are happy to present the original portrait and the story behind on the Alyce Blue webpage. 

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The Clash of the Prophets books, by Mike Wilkins, author, and researcher, presents the heart-breaking, shocking, emotional story of Matthias and Sojourner-Truth.

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