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After almost two hundred years the shocking emotional story of love, lust, potential murder and claimed demonic possession is presented. Every part of this story has a direct line of contact with a real person who lived, then recorded their experiences. Every quote has a reference number for independent confirmation.

We present the full unrestricted horrors endured by the innocent and the self-deluded, as they battle with the shocking details of claimed demonic encounters. If you have a genuine fear or even a concern regarding the reality of possible demonic possession or communications, please do not enter this website or read this book, as we present detailed evidence showing the claimed battle between the forces of both good and spirit entities. 

If you are looking to read a heart-breaking, emotional story, involving some of America’s unforgettable trailblazers, then congratulations you have achieved your goal. If you suffer from depression,  which affects your ability to correlate information rationally, please do not read this book! 

As a Mormon, or an orthodox Christian, perhaps you need to understand more about the first claimed miracle of the Mormon Church, which surprisingly was the casting out of declared demonic spirit entities.

This book is not interested in either promoting or demoting any church, religion, or organization. The prime objective is to present a balanced presentation on a story embedded within the pages of recorded modern history for almost two hundred years. This publication is suitable for readers of sixteen years and above, please do not buy or read this book below the recommended age. The narrative contains first hand reported accounts of sexual practices such as onanism, adultery, and fornication.

The Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith.

Questionably, if you are an active member of the L.D.S. church or a Mormon in transition, then perhaps you, like me have wondered why the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith shared information on his First vision with the notorious expelled and rejected Prophet Matthias, formally named Robert Matthews.

If you are investigating or contemplating leaving the L.D.S. Mormon Church, then this book may be of some interest to you as it presents challenging to find information. Informatively the official position of the L.D.S. Church confirms Prophet Matthias as the contemporary of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. In this shocking story, we find similarities in doctrines, actions, and communications. As a faithful Mormon or a Mormon in transition, you may have questions which require answers. Reading this book will expose for consideration, investigation, and debate, the curious connections between two of Americas memorable claimed prophets. Surprisingly there are unusual connections between Joseph Smith and Prophet Matthias. During a three day conference, they declared their doctrines to one another.  Please do not read this book if you reject the principle of freedom of speech, as both prophets expressed without fear of contradiction their opinions of each other. Empowered with factual information the reader of this book has the opportunity to evaluate what was, in reality, happening between these two claimed American Prophets.

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Disclosure Warning!

Out of necessity the brutality of violence, death, and destruction are contained within the pages of this book. Please do not read this book if details of violence and persecution upset or adversely affect you. This disclaimer warning is intended to promote honesty and full disclosure regarding potential information which some may find disturbing!

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We explore the lives of the pure in heart and the self-deluded. Informatively, we can learn many valuable, lessons regarding the importance of honesty in communication, as opposed to self-delusion through religious fanaticism.


There are curious connections, Prophet Matthias called himself the spirit of truth, when he and Isabella eventually parted company she, after experiencing an epiphany, began calling herself Sojourner-Truth. Are you prepared to study and debate this shocking full story?

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The book Matthias & Smith is interested in exposing all the facts, as experienced, endured, and witnessed from the different viewpoints of all concerned!  Sojourner-Truth, along with the American Prophets Joseph Smith and the notorious Matthias, endured and experienced curious coincidences. Surprisingly these American Trailblazers continually claimed divine spiritual authority, as they suffered many shocking trials and tribulations. Welcome to our attempt to share what they endured.

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