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On behalf of Mike Wilkins and the team at Down Town Secure Books we would like to thank you for your interest in, and your purchase of ‘Sojourner-Truth Matthias and Smith Clash Of The Prophets, in the amazing deluxe flip-e-book.

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You are one click away from reading your deluxe flip e-book.

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Item 1. Your Flip e-book is readable on any Lap-top – Android – I Phone – Tablet – or P.C.

Item 2. Your Flip e-book is readable anytime that you require it, providing you have access to the internet.

Item 3. Your Flip e-book requires a password. Each and every password is unique. The password for your purchased Flip e-book is the e-mail address that you used to purchase the e-book.

Item 4. Giving you the password of your e-mail address dramatically reduces the likelihood of you forgetting this given password. If for any reason you forget your e-mail address, go to our contact us web-page, and use the contact us form, we will then attempt to help you.

Item 5. We are confident that you will never forget your password as it’s your e-mail address.

Item 6. Your amazing digital flip-book is an e-book for life. We will continually edit text, and change the images, questions, films, and audio presentations. It’s a digital book that will evolve, providing you and your family with a lifetime of information and communication. By the way, we may even insert additional chapters, however, that’s for the future!

Item 8. After you have opened your Flip-e-book we recommend that you save it in your browser for easy access.

As you read and use your amazing flip-book, you will learn how to.

* Start and stop audio inside the flip e-book.

* Start and stop DVD films inside the flip e-book.

* Start, play, and stop fun and educational quiz questions, inside the flip e-book.

* Open and close pop up digital art.

* Use the chapter index to start a new chapter.

* Use the Sojourner-Truth index to jump straight into digital pages.

* Use the thumbnails to move around the book.

* Use link buttons to expand external and internal hyperlinks.

* Click on green and red digital areas to expose additional historical information from original documents almost two hundred years old.

* Review digital files exposing and confirming details on historical documents.

* Flick or turn the pages of this e-book.

* Zoom into and out off the pages inside the flip e-book.

* Watch digital art fade from one image into a different image.

* Search for key words inside the flip e-book

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